In-house Internship

In year 2 or 3, project teams work on a project suggested by one of our non-academic partners (NAPs) in industry, government, and non-profit sectors. Faculty consult with partners to find projects with real-world application that require new behavioral and/or computational research and innovation. Trainees carry out the research, communicate with NAPs as it unfolds, and present results at the partner institution. The goal is to promote both translational research and a diversity of career paths for LUCID scientists.

In house internship

In this example, the cartoon editor for the New Yorker is swamped with thousands of entries for the magazine’s caption contest each week. How can he find the funniest captions? Interns can make good judgments, but slowly. Computers have no sense of humor, but can make efficient use of human judgments to quickly rule out bad captions. Our project team developed new science and technology that allows the magazine to rapidly find funny captions, and so to expand the contest internationally. Read the whole CNET story.

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