LUCID Learning Understanding Cognition Intelligence and Data Science

LUCID is a project-focused cross-disciplinary graduate training program for at the University of Wisconsin–Madison that focuses on Learning, Understanding, Cognition, Intelligence, and Data-science.

Its goal is to provide graduate students from Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology and Educational Psychology with hands-on cross disciplinary training and experience working on problems at the intersection of machine learning, human cognition, and education, and to prepare trainees for both academic and non-academic career paths.

We are interested in inventing tools for making sense of masses of crowd-sourced data; understanding how people learn in laboratory and real-world contexts; helping educators develop and exploit new teaching technologies; and developing strategies for human-machine collaboration.

The LUCID training program enhances traditional training through several additional mechanisms that are designed to promote cross-disciplinary learning and professional development without increasing time to degree. These include: project-focused prof-and-peer mentoring, individualized curriculum development, on- and off-site internships, and outreach.