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Diversity Statement and Inclusion Mission

Science advances best when all minds contribute and all voices are heard. LUCID seeks minds and voices that have been marginalized in STEM fields, including those of women and members of under-represented minority groups.

Our program adopts three mechanisms to aid in this mission.


  1. Team-based research and community-building. As a LUCID participant you will work closely with other trainees, senior mentors, and faculty, in small teams that provide guidance, support, and inspiration across diverse perspectives. Team-based research provides a stronger and wider base of knowledge and support than traditional grad-in-a-lab training.

  3. Cross-pollination of disciplines. LUCID research occurs at the intersection of computational and behavioral sciences, which historically have drawn from quite different social groups. Through hands-on research, internships, seminars, happy-hours, and mini-conferences across the program, you will find many opportunities to connect with others who share your experience and background. We believe these social support networks make it easier for pioneers like you to navigate the challenges of STEM graduate education.

  5. Financial support. US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for LUCID stipends, which provide a generous stipend and tuition for up to two full years. Members of under-represented minority groups may further apply for an additional two years of support via partner programs at UW-Madison, providing 4 years of funding without additional TA or RA obligations. In addition, non-citizens can join as affiliates, receive training and networking and travel support.