2019 Spring Semester Overview:


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2018 Fall Semester Overview:

9/7 Kickoff/Checklist Introduction

LUCID Program Expectations – Go over checklist

9/14 Career Exploration Part I – Discover interests

9/21 Science Communication (Describe a project for 3 different audiences)

10/5 Blake Mason to discuss LUCID Project/Non-traditional Project Experience (Ovia Project/Amazon)

10/12 Kate McCleary to discuss Evaluation & Communication Rubric

10/19 Keshia Ashe from NSF to discuss AAAS Policy Fellowships

10/26 John Vito Binzak to discuss LUCID Project/Non-traditional Project Experience – Brains & Games and Non-traditional projects

11/2 Dan Olszewski, director of UW-Business School’s Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship to discuss Entrepreneurial resources on campus

11/9 Ken Koedinger at Ed Psych ITP Seminar

*11/9 Data Blitz at HAMLET (Rui, Vince, Scott, Blake, Ayon, Olivia, John, Lowell, Mohan)

11/16 Videotape Elevator Speech

11/23 Thanksgiving –  no meeting

11/30 SuccessWORKS career services

12/7 Veronica Rueckert & Chris Barncard from UW Communications to discuss working with media and resources on campus for researchers


This semester we will hear from:

Cohort 2 & 3 regarding what they are currently working on

Senior cohorts and their experience from their internships

Professional Development & Career Exploration


We will have workshops on:

Preparing different versions of your talk (elevator speech, talk for academics outside of your discipline, business pitch)

Training for providing constructive critique/peer feedback  – using Communication Rubric

Graduate Student Work/Life Balance & Stress Management Resources