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Save the Dates for eLUCID8 2019 Aug 5th-7th

Animal Community Detecting Graph

Animal Community Detecting Graph

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LUCID Speaks

eLUCID8 is Aug 5-7th, 2019

eLUCID8 is a conference designed to connect people interested in data science and human behavior, both within and outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison. eLUCID8 provides a venue for presenting or hearing about new research, for …

Reinforcement Learning

by Rahul Parhi This video by Arxiv Insights called “An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” provides a decent high level introduction to reinforcement learning that I believe is accessible to academics, but doesn’t go into a …

Spring Schedule HAMLET is posted!

HAMLET  (Human, Animal, and Machine Learning: Experiment and Theory) Check out the updated schedule here: HAMLET Did you hear about our brainstorming sessions? This semester we are trying a new format for HAMLET. Speakers pursuing research …

Minds, Machines & Society Videos

Matt Botvinick Director of Neuroscience Research at DeepMind in London, UK discusses current topics in Artificial Intelligence research and how this research provides implications in understanding the human mind and improving human life. “One problem …

Minds, Machines & Society

For an encore of CogSci2018 and for those of you unable to attend CogSci2018, the organizers and some incredible keynote speakers have planned a free public event. ‘Minds, Machines & Society’ will be held on …