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Reinforcement Learning

reinforcement learning

by Rahul Parhi

This video by Arxiv Insights called “An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” provides a decent high level introduction to reinforcement learning that I believe is accessible to academics, but doesn’t go into a lot of depth







This blog post on github by Andrej Karpathy called, “Deep Reinforcement Learning: Pong from Pixels” gets into a little bit more detail and works though using reinforcement learning to design an agent to play the game pong.







This (freely available) book called, Reinforcement Learning seems to be a pretty decent introduction to reinforcement learning for anyone who wants to get into the technical details of “how it works”.










OpenAI gym is a toolkit and playground for implementing reinforcement learning for various problems. It is useful for getting familiar with reinforcement learning. OpenAI gym also has a bunch of example code. Anyone with basic programming knowledge should be able to play around with it.