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eLUCID8 is Aug 5-7th, 2019

eLUCID8 is a conference designed to connect people interested in data science and human behavior, both within and outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison. eLUCID8 provides a venue for presenting or hearing about new research, for learning about particular problems or challenges faced by applications of this research to contemporary real-world problems, and for brainstorming new opportunities for basic and applied research.

The meeting will feature:

– a series of talks from LUCID, UW faculty and partners from industry, non-profits and government agencies
– a data blitz and short-format talk sequence
– Keynote talk from Jordan Ellenberg, author of How to Not be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking
– Keynote talk from Patrick Shafto, professor of mathematics and computer science at Rutgers University
– Keynote talk from Bob Mankoff humor and cartoon editor of the Esquire and co-founder of Botnik Studios
– Sessions including: What’s causing the diversity crisis in data science; Understanding science denialism; Connecting data science and human behavior; and Exploring human and machine collaboration.

The event is free for presenters and attendees alike, and is funded by the LUCID graduate training program as part of the NSF’s National Research Traineeship program. It will be held at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Madison WI, on August 5th at the Education Building in the Wisconsin Ideas Room on August 6th and 7th.

Free Registration: Register

For more information: eLUCID8