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Minds, Machines & Society Videos

Matt Botvinick

Director of Neuroscience Research at DeepMind in London, UK discusses current topics in Artificial Intelligence research and how this research provides implications in understanding the human mind and improving human life.

“One problem that we are having as a society is that we are trying to think through the implications of this technology that is developing so rapidly, but a lot of people outside of the artificial intelligence community are getting their information about what a.i. is from Hollywood, rather than from people who actually research a.i.”

Ulrike Hahn

Cognitive Scientist at the Centre for Cognition, Computation & Modelling at Birkbeck, University of London discusses the cognitive science of fake news.

“Network structures that promote the collective accuracy are not necessarily best for promoting individual accuracy”

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To watch the full event video:

Minds, Machines, & Society 7.28.18 from Discovery Building on Vimeo.