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Social Robotics

Human Behaviors and social interactions have been studied in many aspects, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, computer sciences and etc. In LUCID program, we welcome researchers from multiple areas to work together to understand human behaviors and develop intelligent machines.

Social robots are intelligent machines that understand, help, learn and grow with people. Recent research in social robotics involves creating instructional companion robots, developing advanced autonomous tools that improve people’s work environment, mimicking human behaviors and etc. We are also actively working with other projects to explore new directions within social robotics research. Ongoing projects include understanding how robot technology shapes remote collaboration, how to improve autonomous vehicles, how intelligent robots help child in learning, and how to improve human-computer interaction.

Figures from left to right, Wakamaru, Nao, Beam.

Robots that we are currently working with to understand human behaviors and integrating with novel tools.


Social robots today are everywhere, providing profound impact on our society, business and even global economy. As research on social robotics are closely related to industry, students are able to apply skills and knowledge that acquired from social robotics project to either academic setting or practical world. We are actively seeking novel processes and tools that can integrate with manufacturer to create fluent and efficient human-robot collaboration in industrial settings.


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