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Yun-Shiuan (Sean) Chuang

Credentials: Ph.D. Student, Psychology

Email: chuang@wisc.edu

Research Interests: Human mathematical cognition, Computational modeling, Machine Learning, Cognitive neuroscience

Personal Website: Yun-Shiuan Chuang

Research Advisors: Joseph Austerweil, Edward Hubbard

Sean is a Ph.D. student in the Psychology Department working with Professor Joseph Austerweil and Professor Edward Hubbard. He currently investigates children’s math cognition development via computational modeling with fMRI data. He also investigates the “number sense” in artificial neural networks and compare it to human’s math cognition. In addition, with the collaboration with Professor Jerry Zhu, he also works on modeling teacher-student interactions and optimizing teaching with Markov decision process framework. He received his BS in psychology and neuroscience from National Taiwan University.