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Raymond Doudlah

Credentials: Ph.D. Student, Neuroscience

Ph.D Student: Physiology Graduate Training Program (PGTP website)

Project Interests: Multisensory integration, sensorimotor associations, machine learning

LUCID project: Visual Perception

Research Advisers: Dr. Ari Rosenberg

Lab website: Rosenberg Lab


My current project is investigating how distinct brain regions are connected, providing insight into how complex neural networks are formed. In this work, we use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) to infer connections between different brain regions through probabilistic inference. Using novel metrics that we are developing, we are able to infer whether or not brain regions are connected, how strongly they are connected, and construct probabilistic flow diagrams of brain networks.

Currently, we are using this method to investigate the cortical network within the dorsal visual stream (i.e., the ‘where’ pathway), which is responsible for transforming two-dimensional retinal images into three-dimensional (3D) visual perception. In the future we plan to extend this method to elucidate other cortical pathways, such as the ventral visual stream (i.e., the ‘what’ pathway) and the pathways that bridge 3D vision and motor outputs (e.g., reaching and grasping).