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Fangyun (Olivia) Zhao

Credentials: Ph.D. Student, Psychology

LUCID Research Project: Social Robotics

Niedenthal Emotions Lab

The Wisconsin Human-Computer Interaction Lab (http://hci.cs.wisc.edu/)

Research Interests: Emotions, Social Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics

Personal Website:olivia-zhao.com

Research Advisors: Dr. Paula Niedenthal and Dr. Bilge Mutlu


My current research project focuses on cultural differences on Social synchronization during face-to-face interaction. Previous research has looked at a relatively new cultural dimension- historical heterogeneity – on nonverbal expressivity. Each present­day nation has an objectively­derived heterogeneity score, which refers to the number of source countries that contributed substantially to the nation’s present­day population over the last 500 years. My project aims to finding out the relationship between historical heterogeneity and nonverbal behaviors. Importantly, I am interested in exploring cutting-edge techniques on developing stimulus and measuring human behaviors.

I’m also working on projects that focus on telepresence robots – a mobile video-conferencing system that enables remote collaboration easier. We are interested in how field-of-view would improve remote collaboration, and how the underlying mechanism of gaze behavior could be incorporated into human-robot interaction.