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eLUCID8 is Aug 5-7th, 2019

eLUCID8 is a conference designed to connect people interested in data science and human behavior, both within and outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison. eLUCID8 provides a venue for presenting or hearing about new research, for learning about particular problems or

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Reinforcement Learning

link to reinforcement learning youtube video

by Rahul Parhi This video by Arxiv Insights called “An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” provides a decent high level introduction to reinforcement learning that I believe is accessible to academics, but doesn’t go into a lot of depth    

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Spring Schedule HAMLET is posted!

HAMLET  (Human, Animal, and Machine Learning: Experiment and Theory) Check out the updated schedule here: HAMLET Did you hear about our brainstorming sessions? This semester we are trying a new format for HAMLET. Speakers pursuing research at the intersection of computation and

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Emotion-Recognizer Demonstration

Interactive Demonstration of the Emotion-Recognizer helps provide an engaged experience and and introduction to applications of machine learning. The Emotion-Recognizer involves using NEXT to map out the space of concepts, simple machine vision tools to identify facial features, and a

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Machine Learning for Everyone by Rob Nowak

Rob Nowak explains Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Linear Classifiers, Good Features, Principle Component Analysis, Dictionary Learning, Generalization, Cross Validation in this talk called “Machine Learning for Everyone”

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Fractions War: Reflections from a non-traditional academic project

By John Vito Binzak For many children and adults, fractions are not a fun math topic. Indeed, multiple studies have shown that learning how to solve problems with fractions and developing an understanding of what these complex number symbols mean

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Minds, Machines & Society Videos

Matt Botvinick Director of Neuroscience Research at DeepMind in London, UK discusses current topics in Artificial Intelligence research and how this research provides implications in understanding the human mind and improving human life. “One problem that we are having as

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Minds, Machines & Society

Free Registration at For an encore of CogSci2018 and for those of you unable to attend CogSci2018, the organizers and some incredible keynote speakers have planned a free public event. ‘Minds, Machines & Society‘ will be held on UW–Madison

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Join Us for Minds, Machines & Society

Join Us This Saturday for a free, open to the public event. Don’t miss Bob Mankoff, humorist and cartoon editor for the New Yorker & more recently for Esquire. Bob will provide a must-see talk about human and machine collaboration & creativity.

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CogSci 2018 – Why Changing Minds?

On the motivation for this year’s theme and its connection to current events. When we bid to organize CogSci three years ago the global erosion of faith in factual knowledge was already well under way. Scientific consensus was doing little to

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